Tribal History Preservation Office

Cansa’yapi Cultural Department

The THPO/CCD department was established in 2007 through MOU with the National Park Service and the Lower Sioux Indian Community.

Our Vision:

Cansa’yapi is a vibrant gathering place where all generations and relatives come together to share and sustain our connections to our traditions and to one another, and together, we promote the well-being of our Dakota Oyate and the Oceti Sakowin.

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Tribal Historical Preservation Office Contact

Cheyanne St. John


Ext. 8672

Ryan Dixon

Language Teacher

Our Mission

To gather, protect, nurture, and share our everchanging vibrant Dakota traditions with the Oceti Sakowin.

Gather: Taŋyaŋ uŋspepi

To expand the collection of our cultural traditions and knowledge, through increased community engagement.

Protect: Awanyaŋka

To increase our capacity to preserve and protect our cultural traditions, identity, knowledge, and land (maḱoċe), through the integration of current technologies.

Nurture: Iċaġa okiya

To promote our cultural traditions and nurture relationships, through the collaborative hosting of increased hands-on activities for children, families, elders, returnees, and relatives.

Share: Akiptaŋ eċuŋpi

To share our cultural knowledge and educational offerings, through streamlined and coordinated communication.


Our members are resilient, strong, and our greatest resource.

Cultural Department Services

  • 1 Cultural Survey
  • 2 Oral Story
  • 3 Preservation of Community & Cultural Materials
  • 4 Tribal Burial Recordation
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Need more information?

We are committed to improving the health and well-being of our community members. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us.

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