Hemp Program and Housing Project

The Lower Sioux Community is pioneering a new way to build homes with hempcrete, a natural alternative to conventional construction-built homes. Hempcrete provides dry, clean, pest-free, contaminant free, well ventilated, and well thermally controlled living conditions - the perfect conditions for healthier living environments.

The Lower Sioux Hemp Program and Housing Project is the first in Minnesota to provide a "seed-to-wall" hempcrete experience; here you can find all-natural alternatives in home construction that offer beneficial features such as:

Hempcrete Training
  • No toxic substances found in manufactured building materials often used in low-income housing
  • Durability and resistance to temperature fluctuations and fire safety
  • Air insulation due to hemp fiber’s ability to retain energy
  • Ecofriendly choice due to its recyclable nature and minimal carbon footprint

The short term goal is to build healthier homes for citizens, while the long term goal is to provide hempcrete blocks and pre-fab walls for quicker and more efficient building time.

Lower Sioux Community project stands out due to its innovative concept, rare among few existing hempcrete structures in Minnesota. With the help of Earl Pendleton, Community Council Vice President who has invested 10 years of research into this venture, and Jennifer Martin from Hempstone's crew training in Fall 2020, the Lower Sioux Community's proposed Hemp Farming & Processing Facility is set to break ground in May 2023.

LSIC Hemp Program Timeline


  • Lower Sioux Hemp Program Code first approved.
  • Later the Code was updated to USDA updates on regulations


  • Lower Sioux Hemp Program first field season to issue licenses
  • *3 licenses totally 62 acres


  • Second field season under the Hemp Code
  • 6 licenses totally 120 acres
  • Full time Farmer on-staff at Lower Sioux

Benefits of Growing Hemp

  • 1 Carbon absorption during growth
  • 2 Root system
  • 3 Zero use of herbicides and pesticides
Mixing The Hemp Hurd

Agriculture Staff

Danny Desjarlais

Project Manager

Department: Agriculture

Ext. 8365

Joseph Goodthunder


Department: Agriculture

Ext. 8361

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We are committed to improving the health and well-being of our community members. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us.

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