Lower Sioux Tribal Law Enforcement Services

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Lower Sioux Tribal Law Enforcement Services is to protect life & property and to preserve the peace through proactive initiatives and methods that best serve the community.

The adoption and implementation of the community-oriented policing concept and the initiatives to promote, encourage partnerships with individuals, organizations, entities to address and solve problems that arise in our neighborhoods.


Presence, Vigilance, & Response to protect and serve 

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Department Contacts

Emergency: 911

Police Dispatch: (507) 637-4036

LSIC Police Cell Phone
(507) 430-1622

  • To carry out the law enforcement functions and operations with the goal of preserving the peace, to protect life and property by means of enforcing Tribal, State, and Federal laws applicable within the jurisdiction of the Lower Sioux Indian Community.
  • To collaborate with the State and federal agencies in the investigation of violations of tribal, State, and Federal laws.
  • To develop methods to resolve conflicts, solve crimes and more importantly prevent crime in our neighborhoods.
  • To provide patrol services within the community with the objective of being visible, vigilant, and responsive to the public.
  • To develop proactive initiatives that promote community policing partnerships to identify and address crime or other criminal activity,
  • To provide the community with quality police services that are efficient and fair.
  • To develop yearly assessments and evaluations of the community which assists in identifying the trends in crime and to decide on the best countermeasures to stop or prevent crime.
  • Provide efficient and effective management of the law Enforcement personnel and resources.
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Vision Statement

The vision of the Lower Sioux Tribal Police is to become a model and recognized leader in the field of law enforcement.

With consistent management of personnel and resources, the department will provide the community with a responsive and fair policing unit.

In an effort to transform the vision into reality, The Lower Sioux Tribal Police shall diligently:

  • Achieve and maintain a higher standard of policing that results in competent and ethical officers serving the community.
  • Promote and develop partnership initiatives with the purpose of creating a safe and healthy community.

Police Department Staff

Dave Hester


Ext. 8660


Sam Lovan


Ext. 8661

Sara Bidinger

Community Police Liaison, Evidence Technician

(507) 697-8666

Tino Vetsouvanh


Ext. 8664

Teepee at Sunset
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Need more information?

We are committed to improving the health and well-being of our community members. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us.

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