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Responsible for the processing and maintenance of all legal pleadings filed before the Lower Sioux Tribal Court and the Lower Sioux Court of Appeals. Records all court proceedings.


  • Associates degree in related field is preferred.
  • High school/GED and three (3) years court clerk experience preferred.
  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of policies and procedures of a court system and a court

clerk’s office.

  • Customer service experience preferred.
  • Knowledge of Word, Excel, MS Outlook and Access software.
  • Familiarity with Indian Law desirable.


  • Maintaining records of all Tribal Court proceedings to include identification of the title and nature of all cases, the names of the parties, the substance of the complaints, the names and addresses of all witnesses, the dates of the hearings and trials, all Tribal Court rulings and jury decisions, findings, orders and judgments, and any other facts or circumstances decided by the judges of the Tribal Courts or deemed of importance by the Clerk of Court.
  • Maintaining all pleadings, documents, and other materials filed with the Tribal Court.
  • Maintaining all evidentiary materials, transcripts, and records of testimony filed with the Tribal Court.
  • Collecting fines and other monies and properties taken into custody by the Tribal Court.
  • Preparing and serving notices, summons, subpoenas, warrants, rulings, findings, opinions, and orders as prescribed by this Chapter and as may be designated by the Judges of the Tribal Court.
  • Assisting persons in the drafting and execution of complaints, petitions, answers, motions and other pleadings and documents for Tribal Court proceedings; provided however, the Clerk shall not give advice on questions of the law, nor shall they appear or act on behalf of any person in any Tribal Court proceedings.
  • Administering oaths and witnessing execution of documents.
  • Maintaining a supply of blank forms to be prescribed by the Tribal Court for use by all persons having business before the Tribal Court.
  • Providing copies of documents in Tribal Court files to other persons upon request, and upon receipt of a charge therefore to be prescribed by the Clerk to cover the costs of such services provided; however, there shall be no charge for such service to the Judges of the Tribal Court, and provided further, no copies of documents or materials shall be provided from files which are to be kept confidential or unavailable for public inspection pursuant to any provisions of this Chapter or other ordinance of the Lower Sioux Community Council, or is prohibited by any court order.
  • Providing security for all files, documents and materials filed with or in the custody of the Tribal Court, and insuring that they are not removed from the offices of the Clerk and the Tribal Courts except upon the specific instructions of a Judge of the Tribal Court.
  • Maintaining a library of laws, regulations, orders, opinions, and decisions of the United States and its administrative agencies and courts, the Lower Sioux Community Council and the Courts of the Tribe, and of the various states, insofar as they may be pertinent to the administration of justice for the Tribe, and within the Reservation. The acquisition of such materials shall be subject to appropriations of funds therefore by the Lower Sioux Community Council. Materials in the library shall be available for use in the office of the Clerk during normal working hours by any person subject to the jurisdiction of the Tribal Court, and her/his authorized representative.
  • Manages the day-to-day operation of the Tribal Court coordinate calendar with Judges, manages procurement, inventory, and supplies, maintain the Tribal Court’s budget, process invoices and payroll.
  • Performing such other duties related to the operation of the Court, other than those specifically performed by a judge, as the Lower Sioux Community Council or the contract establishing Judges of the Court and Clerk shall so designate.
  • Regular attendance necessary.
  • Regular punctuality necessary.
  • Available and willing to work any changes in hours on the schedule at any time during employment.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Confidentiality a must.
  • Communication Skills
  • Time management Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Multitasking Skills
  • Prioritizing Skills
  • Technical Skills.
  • Interpersonal Skills.
  • Initiative and problem-solving abilities.
  • Dependability.


This is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all the responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements, efforts or working conditions associated with the job.  While this is intended to be an accurate reflection of the current job, management and Community Council reserves the right to revise the job or to require that other or different tasks be performed when circumstances change (e.g. emergencies, changes in personnel, workload, rush jobs or technical developments).

In accepting employment, I am agreeing to perform the duties and responsibilities listed above.  In addition, I agree to adhere to any policy or procedure changes that may occur during my employment with the Lower Sioux Indian Community.

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